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5 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. You might enjoy my blog too… I’m in the UK and being taken to court by a Catholic Creationist.

    I’m grateful for everybody’s support and messages. I need them to keep me going as I am spending far too much time defending the case leading to time away from my wife and 2 young sons. I need to show them that I have support from like minded people so that it’s all worth it.

    Freedom of speech and the freedom to criticise creationists dogma is essential for the human race to flourish.

    Please check out the blog.

  2. I write a blog that uses rational arguments to break down religious dogmatism. I was a Christian once and I feel that everyone doubts their faith and I try to capitalize on this through my blog. People hold on to their beliefs because they aren’t forced to bring them to a practical level and this is what I try to do in my posts. By the way I love think atheist, it is a great forum to be involved with.

    The Not So Friendly Atheist

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