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In an effort to provide reading material to you, my dear visitor, and give you a leg up on your enlightenment, I have picked out some of my favorite readings, that I want to share with you all. These are yours to keep. I will be updating this list as I post new content. Hope you enjoy these bits of knowledge

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Symphony of Science

‘The Big Beginning’ (ft. Hawking, Sagan, Dawkins, Shears, Tyson)


We observe that distant galaxies are moving away from us
They must have been closer together in the past

It was the beginning of the universe
And of time itself
Anything that happened before the big bang
Could not affect what happened after

The poetry of the expanding universe
The poetry of the complexity of life
We’re not normally equipped to understand
And science gives it to us

Science is opening your eyes
To the wonderfulness of what’s there
Science is opening your eyes
To the poetry of the expanding universe

The early cosmos was everywhere white hot
But then as time passed
The radiation expanded and cooled

Then little pockets of gas began to grow
Steadily brightening, we call them the galaxies

In the big bang we had equal amounts of matter and anti-matter
And as soon as they met eachother,
They annihliated together

And this battle played out
Whilst the universe expanded
In its first minute of exisistence

[DeGrasse Tyson]
It’s not all that hard to detect the big bang
All you need to do is change the channel
Until you come between two stations

About one percent of the snow and noise
Comes from the big bang itself
We’re all eavesdropping
On the birth pains of the cosmos