Kangaroos in the bible – Tweet of The Day

The bible, a historic document? Yeah, right.

You don’t find kangaroos everywhere, & of course never in the #bible because its authors didn’t know marsupials existed. #atheism #atheistThu Jun 30 02:21:25 via web

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You don’t find kangaroos in the bible. However, you do find unicorns, because the bible is so accurate… NOT!

Thanks to my Tweeties, this Tweet was a real hit, so it made it to here.

god, the free pass ― Tweet of The Day

You know how religious extremists justify their wrongdoings claiming that they do these things in the name of god? That’s what this tweet was about.

Religious people believe that wrongs aren’t wrong if they’re done in the name of god. Guess what – wrongs are always wrong.#atheism #atheistThu Jun 30 03:01:40 via web

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So many theists thought this statement was unfair, although their replies were rather testy, and quite numerous. But according to their religion’s teachings, even when they are as little as unkind to anyone, regardless of their creed or lack thereof, they are committing sin.

So, dear theist, do you think I’m being unfair to you? Call me out in the comments.

Do you deserve to be stoned to death? – Tweet of the day

Atheists can cite the bible, too.  Actually, we can do this quite well…


Dear Christian married lady: were you a virgin? ‘Cause if you weren’t your bible says you should be executed. Deuteronomy 22:13-21 #atheismTue May 17 23:53:03 via SocialScope


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… quite well as to annoy the jeebus out of the Christians who’d rather not hear about these less popular verses of the bible.

See, I do challenge people beliefs, I mean if you believe this is your god’s love talking, then that’s fine by me, *whispers* not entirely, but kinda… sorta.

So, just in case you are not fully aware of what your religious affiliation includes – and you really shouldn’t be – that’s where my tweets come in handy.

I kinda enjoy the reactions these tweets generate, like this lady’s reaction, who though this tweet was full of anger.


See, I didn’t say anything really offensive, I mean, it IS offensive, but I didn’t make it up, did I? The problem here is that this person is taking offense from ME instead of whom, allegedly, is the author of such offense – her loving god.

Well, most Theists will say that it’s me agan picking and choosing, or that the verse is taken out of context, but it’s a long-ish piece of reading so, if you don’t believe me, here is what Deuteronomy 22:13-21 actually says. There are only so many ways you can twist a verse to make it mean something different than what is written.

So, Dear Christian lady, were you a virgin before you got married?

Do you believe in magic? – Tweet of the day

This assertion, in my opinion, is pretty self-explanatory. Most people will tell you they don’t believe in magic, but they do believe in god. According to them the comparison is “stupid.” Right, because talking animals, wizards, witches, demons, sticks turning into snakes, food falling from the sky, people walking on water, that is not magic.


The funny thing is I do believe in magic, for I think magic is just science we haven’t been able to explain yet, but I don’t believe there is a god, nor there ever was a talking snake. I might be wrong, though.

This tweet got a bajillion of retweets, so I thought I should give it a little space here.

So, what say you, do you believe in magic?

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Also, it was really cool that PC Siqueira translated it to Portuguese, and apparently it was a hit. Thanks, PC.

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Judgement Day – Christians, let's make a deal.

Judgement Day Billboard

It is beyond my understanding how someone like Harold Camping can convince so many gullible people into believing that he’s been able to figure out the exact date of the rapture, via some calculations based on some numbers in the bible.

Just before the flood Noah was instructed by God that in seven days the flood would begin (Genesis 7:10-16). Using the language of 2 Peter 3:8 that “a day is as a thousand years,” it is like saying through Noah, who was a preacher (2 Peter 2:5): “mankind has seven days or 7,000 years to escape destruction.” Since 2011 A.D. is precisely 7,000 years after Noah preached, God has given mankind a wonderful proof that Judgment Day will occur in the year 2011.

Now, kill me for not having done a good job searching for a provided time zone, I mean, when everyone is expecting to be raptured on this side of the world, it’s gonna be the 22nd in Australia, right?

Let me quote Camping’s exact words on this interview:

“There is just no reason in the world, no possibility that it [“it” being the rapture] will not happen”


How in the world can he say these things with such certainty, especially when he has predicted this event before, with the obviously known results. “It” did not happen.

The most appalling thing is all these believers are Christians, who base their own beliefs on the scriptures, yes, the bible. The same bible Camping used to come up with a calculated date. But I bet you didn’t count on me having a tweet for that, huh?

.bbpBox{background:url(http://a0.twimg.com/profile_background_images/259380074/red-bar.jpg) #3d1322;padding:20px;}

#May21? No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.Matthew 24:36 #atheism #atheistWed May 18 05:52:23 via SocialScope

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Exactly. The bible says, “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Matthew 24:36 Look it up. Yes, really. It is in the same book you hold up when you yell hideous things at gay people.

That’s the problem when you think critically, it’s not about bashing Christianity, or its followers. To me it is only logical that you look up your own source of enslavement knowledge, before even starting to make plans for the end of the world.

I’m sorry, Christians, but you can’t square this circle. What your fear and faith in Judgement Day tells me is that you think Harold Camping is god, in which case I don’t see why you’re not all hunting him down and asking for clarification.

This is when I ask, sarcastically, I must specify, where is the harm?

The harm is that irrational fear leads people to do the stupidest things. Like this suicidal woman calling to Family Radio, “What should I do Mr. Camping? I am so nervous, I am not a Christian I know I do not live right, what should I do.. Maybe I should kill myself? Mr.Camping.. Maybe I should kill myself.” Just to cite one of them, because it is related and relevant. Also, let me point out that the author of this post failed to provide evidence of this occurrence, but take in consideration that she herself is a Christian.

Also, I read somewhere about a man and a woman who have given up all their possessions. They have two kids, and another one due in June. So, how this family is going to survive having given everything away, is one tough question. But a more puzzling question is, what happens to that unborn baby? I mean, it needs to be baptized to be saved, right? Actually, I was just now having this conversation about original sin with my friend Marty, who thinks people are conceived sinful, and I think they are born sinful. But I digress.

I might have to go more in depth about the harms of irrational beliefs on another post, but here’s a really good example of the issues that concern me, and should concern you, too.

So I want to make a deal with you, Christians. Can I make a deal with you, please?

I don’t want your money, and I certainly won’t volunteer to walk your dog. What I want of you is to reason and think about this faith thing. This is a win-win. I promise. Hear me out.

If the Crapture Rapture does happen, well, we’ll have nothing more to talk about, actually, we won’t be given the chance, will we? But if it doesn’t happen, then you will commit to do three things:

  • Read the bible in its entirety, and question all the dates, and sources of the scripture; and instead of justifying its contradictionsfaulty laws, and dubious morality, I encourage you to start reasoning.
  • Support science and critical thinking. I’m not asking you to become an atheist, I’m asking you to stop accepting unquestionable truths –  there’s not such thing.
  • Ask your pastor the questions that you have asked yourself, and if you haven’t, then you should!

What say you, dear Christians, are you game?

Selective morality – Tweet of the day

What do you think, is it too far fetched to expect that theists realized the absurdity of their beliefs by my pointing out that the same book, which to them is the ultimate morality guide, includes idiotic rules that no one in their sane mind would even consider to carry out?

This is the kind of tweet that only atheists find logical. Continue reading

The burden of proof – Tweet of the day

Well, you, my Twitter friend, must know all too well the way our theist friends are continuously asking of us to prove god’s non-existence, so my response to one of those requests got retweeted like forever:

Like always, this is the original Twitter link.

Someone pointed me to Ricky Gervais’ response to this claim:

❝It annoys me that the burden of proof is on us. It should be: “You came up with the idea. Why do you believe it?” I could tell you I’ve got superpowers, but you can’t go up to people saying “Prove I can’t fly.” They’d go: “What do you mean ‘Prove you can’t fly’? Prove you can!”❞

Ricky is right, but I would go a little bit further, and if someone told me “prove I can’t fly”, I would go and push them off a cliff. Err.. no, no, I wouldn’t. Of course it is a totally hypothetical situation – I wouldn’t push anyone off a cliff. I promise! Geez!

The thing is I totally could prove that someone cannot fly, see? That’s the point. I could prove it! Well, not to him, though. But I’m sure you get the idea.

So Ricky’s is a nice, clever response, but in my opinion, doesn’t really meet the god’s non-existence kind of proof standard.

Have you come up with a better answer for this request? Tell us down here in the comments. I’m dying to hear your responses.

Evangelical atheism – Twitter, let's get personal.

DISCLAIMER: Apparently, this one is gonna get nasty and is, very likely, not what you would expect. So, if you don’t know me at all, this post is not for you.

What’s the likelihood of me actually writing a long blog post with my job sucking all the energy out of me, and my life – yes, I do have a life – being so busy as of late? Well, there are only two ways to get me to do this: ask nicely and repeatedly because we have discussed any given subject previously – so, nag me and don’t stop until I deliver; the second, and more effective way? piss me off. Seriously, that’s all it takes, but I wouldn’t recommend the second optioin if you want to continue being my friend. Continue reading

Angry atheists – Tweet of the day

This is not my pick, but yours. Most favorited or most retweeted teweet of the week (or something,) usually gets a space here. But this one is special…

You see, I tweet  a lot, usually my tweets are just anti-baloney claims, but sometimes they are replies to theists who get either offended, or just tempestuous.

This was the case when I tweeted this:

No, I am not angry at any god, I can’t be angry at any construct of your imagination. That would make me as delusional as you are. #atheismSun Feb 20 18:15:48 via HootSuite

(Here is the Twitter link, in case you, too, want to retweet it.)

So what do theists do? They try to discredit atheists saying that we’re angry at god. A very pretentious statement, in my opinion, as if we were acting out on some secret resentment at god for something we expected of this god, and said god didn’t deliver…? or even worse, as if we were secretly believing in a god, their god – and feeling ashamed for it…? That makes no sense. Continue reading