Welcome to my humble site, thanks for stopping by, I have an ‘all comers and comments welcome’ page.

I’m female, straight and single. If you don’t speak English fluently and are looking for a bride, please keep looking. I’m also not looking to get married long distance nor anything of the sort. I’m quite happy the way I am; if you’re male and need someone to straighten out your life, please keep looking. You’ll find someone here in the interweb; I’ll guarantee it, that person is not going to be me, though.

Before you decide to add me as a friend wherever or follow me on Twitter, please take a look at my posts/tweets and see if we have anything in common. I blog and tweet nearly incessantly!

Please know that respect and kindness; however practiced, will be the measure by which I conduct this page. Regardless of your religion, your creed, your personal beliefs – or the lack of them – You are welcome here!!! – All are respected here.

If you have a site with no bio, no content and little means for me to see if we have anything in common, count on your request being denied. (Alternately, if you list “pole-dancing” – or anything of the sort – as one of your favorite activities, and your personal photo has more skin than clothing, I don’t care HOW verbose you are in your site, or your Twitter stream, I’m not going to add you to mine, nor am I going to follow you back.

I’d like to interact with people of like-minds; people who love life and laughter, have a full and varied set of activities and talents, and who like to write about them. If that’s you, thank you in advance for coming here. I look forward to the journey.