Do you believe in love? – Atheist Sunday School


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Do you believe in love? Who’s up for a quick, really quick #AtheistSundaySchool? #atheism #atheistSun Nov 28 15:52:13 via SocialScope


It’s been a while since our last #AtheistSundaySchool in case you missed it #atheism #atheistSun Nov 28 16:16:52 via SocialScope


Anyway… Let’s talk about love. Are you guys ready? Do you believe in love? #AtheistSundaySchool #atheism #atheistSun Nov 28 16:31:38 via SocialScope


Theists usually ask atheists if they believe in love. After all, no one can deny that love exists, but no one can prove it exists. #atheismSun Nov 28 16:35:21 via SocialScope


If atheists believe in love, which cannot be proven to exist, that invalidates our argument against God’s existence. #atheism #atheistSun Nov 28 16:43:35 via SocialScope



There is nothing contradictory in accepting the existence of love without believing in the existence of god. Why, you ask? #atheism #atheistSun Nov 28 16:47:46 via SocialScope


The analogy fails because ‘love’ and ‘god’ are very different concepts in a fundamental way, and so can’t be compared. #atheism #atheistSun Nov 28 16:53:27 via SocialScope


Love is subjective, a personal state of mind, it exists only in our minds, our personal perceptions of it define its existence… #atheismSun Nov 28 16:59:28 via SocialScope


But love is not *supposed* to exist anywhere but in our minds, the only evidence for its existence is our perception of it. #atheismSun Nov 28 17:02:57 via SocialScope


god is not subjective. If he exists,he shouldn’t just exist in our minds, his nature should not be defined by our perception of him #atheismSun Nov 28 17:09:53 via SocialScope


Subjective sensations can be evidence for a subjective experience or feeling (love), but not for an objective being or entity (god) #atheismSun Nov 28 17:17:00 via SocialScope


Love is not supposed to exist anywhere but in personal mental states, which are inherently unverifiable… #atheismSun Nov 28 17:26:42 via SocialScope


Observable chemical reactions are not evidence of love existence. Remember, the brain reacts in the same way to chocolate intake. #atheismSun Nov 28 17:29:10 via SocialScope


god is, allegedly,an objective being w an existence independent of anyone’s thoughts. It’s perfectly appropriate to expect evidence #atheismSun Nov 28 17:35:46 via SocialScope


Whereas we all experience love similarly, the existence of god is an extraordinary claim, not in line with everyone’s experience. #atheismSun Nov 28 17:49:37 via SocialScope

That should have read “somewhat similarly.”


So, this “god is love” argument, and to say that one exists is to say that the other exists, is just a logical fallacy. #atheism #atheistSun Nov 28 18:05:27 via SocialScope


Ok, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s #AtheistSundaySchool. Thank you all for your mentions and comments. Have a fantabulous day. (◕‿◕)’Sun Nov 28 18:13:24 via SocialScope


Christopher Hitchens vs. Tony Blair: the full transcript



“Be it resolved, religion is a force for good in the world”

Born debater: Christopher Hitchens at the LA Times Festival of Books in April 2004. Credit: Getty Images

You may need to set aside the rest of your Saturday to get through this, but here in full is the transcript of the long-anticipated Munk debate between Christopher Hitchens and former prime minister Tony Blair. The motion: “Be it resolved, religion is a force for good in the world”. No prizes for guessing who was arguing for and against.

The debate was hosted last night in Toronto, Canada before an audience of 2,600. Reports suggest that touts were selling tickets for up to five hundred Canadian dollars.

According to post-debate voting on the Munk debate website, Hitchens won the argument against the motion by 68 per cent to 32 per cent. A pre-debate poll showed that 57 per cent were against the motion and 22 per cent were for it — demonstrating, I guess, the impressive debating skills of both men.

CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you very much to the Munk family, great philanthropists for making this possible. Seven minutes, ladies and gentlemen, for the foundational argument between religion and philosophy leaves me hardly time to praise my distinguished opponent, in fact I might have to seize a later chance of doing that! Continue reading

Religion is awesome!!

Yeah, religion is awesome – it makes stupid people do amazingly stupid things. Thanks, Religion.

Michael Brea, the samurai parricide ‘Ugly Betty’


Wednesday, November 24, 2010, 20:29

Madrid .- Michael Brea, one of the most popular actors of the American version of‘Ugly Betty’, he killed his mother with a samurai sword.The Haitian-American was found in a state of shock over the body of his mother, with a Bible in one hand and a samurai sword in the other that it dealt with head injuries. The actor of 31 years killed at his home inNew York. Some neighbors heard: “Repent, repent, sinful, sinful. You never accepted Jesus Christ. “ And they have already recognized the voice as that of Michael Brea.

Michael Brea has shown that, once again, reality is stranger than fiction. The murder of his mother could have, presumably, related to religious fanaticism, by the cries of the residents of Brooklyn actor reached to listen. When police arrived at the home of Michael Brea, it was too late, since the actor’s mother was dead in a pool of blood, deep wounds in the head. Brea was immediately arrested and is expected to receive in the coming hours the respective charges for the crime.

Michael Brea led to a psychiatric hospital to evaluate her mental status. Martial Brea,the young family, was surprised by what happened, but revealed no details of the relationship that the actor had with his mother, said her mind was possessed by some evil force. “Something happened that moved him to do that. The devil got him, “said Martial Brea to People magazine in Spanish. Although Michael has no Brea police or psychiatric history, a conviction may fall more than five years in prison.