My Awesome Princes and Princesses of TwitterVille

Originally posted on May 5th, 2009 – Updated-ish on July 26th, 2010

These are the people that I admire, they’re interesting, smart, insightful, funny, caring, witty, sexy, sassy and just a pleasure to interact with. They are the ones who keep my nest warm. This list is not finished yet, as I always find some new ‘gem’ to follow out there on the TwitterVerse. So, if you’re looking for people worth following you’ve come to the right place. Click on their @names to go to their Twitter profiles.

You guys might want to tweet this link, because that’s what networking is all about; and, so that your own friends know how incredibly awesome I think you guys are =) … just sayin’.

Not all of them are atheists, so if that’s exclusively what your looking for, read carefully.

@ThinkAtheist is my favorite site on the web, it is a wonderful eclectic community, where all my awesome heathens are, and the ones who aren’t should be. It is the home of the godless! Join me!

Follow the incredibly wonderful staff of Think Atheist:
Morgan @MorganMatthew (founder)
Dan @SpaghettiBeans
Johnny @AtheistJohnny
Laura @Lauruhhpalooza
Reggie @reggiekrh
Dave @nondescriptdave
Chelsea @TIAtheistChelsi
and yours truly, who is very happy to be a part of this staff.

@pribbibility Marty is My Knight in Shiny Armor, Atheist, humanist, insightful, witty, funny, engaging, intelligent, amazing blogger, professional designer, expert rock climber. Give him the chance to impress you and enjoy his company. His Site Atheist Climber

@leapingjudas Have a taste of his wits. An intellectual weapon, this heathen will take your breath away. He’s the Prince from the Future! Privileged mind and absolute charm. Check out his Soapbox, pedestal, pulpit, rant, rave, rage – call it what you will, but it is not a “blog”. Totally worth reading Unhinged and Uncensored and Raven Paradox

@pzmyers If you’re an atheist and love science, you’re probably following PZ Myers already. Do yourself a favor and follow this awesome atheist biologist and scientist. Follow his blog Pharyngula.

@vizhnet My friend Vince is incredibly knowledgeable, an awesome atheist, great choice for a follow.  Follow his thoughts and wisdom at Vizhnet.

@AtheistCrow Luke is great! Brilliant, interesting, nice, polite, atheist, humanist, skeptic, insightful heathen. If you don’t follow him, there must be something seriously wrong with you. He also has a website worth reading AtheistCrow – A Blog

@jordancdarwin My awesome friend Jordan is a science lover, his superpower is reason, evolution is his passion, of course he’s an atheist and his honesty knows no bounds. Follow his thoughts at On the incoherence of the incoherence

@nondescriptdave Dave is a very knowledgeable enlightening heathen, and I like it when I can learn things from my friends. You can also follow his thoughts on his page ThinkAtheist/Dave

@Lauruhhpalooza Laura is a valuable resource of knowledge, smart and engaging Atheist, Feminist, Free-Thinker. Huge contributor of Check out her Site Are you there, God? It’s me, Laura.

@SainterSan Wayne is incredibly smart! You’re going to enjoy the brilliance of this Aussie. Atheist, Skeptic, insightful gentleman. You will enjoy his posts, check out his site Sainter’s Blog

@_7654_ Intelligent, engaging, caring, enlightening atheist. Always sharing his insight and knowledge.

@ZachsMind Zach is another great heathen, funny, interesting, original, witty, engaging. Check out his site ZachsCast.

@SurlyAmy Amy is a very sweet atheist lady, who is an artist (painter and photographer) and makes handmade ceramic jewelry called Surly-Ramics. Check out her store Surly-Ramics She also writes for and is an advocate of science.

@grimmlock My friend Mike, Atheist, minarchist, uber-smart, witty, a ready line of humorous patter and possibly your worst nightmare. He’s just awesome! Check out his website Mike in Real Life

@JesusWife Another awesome heathen indeed, although she’s Mrs. Christ herself! She is uber-interesting, the queen of innuendos, cleverly amusing. If she likes you enough, she will tell you all the dirty little secrets about her hubby!

@alex Alex Wilhelm is an amazing blogger who writes for The Next Web and tweets about everything, software, gadgets, and all those things we love… a real geek. You will learn a lot from him. He also runs this wonderful atheist website AtheistHitSquad where all the cool atheists are. Join me.

@tylermassey Um.. well, I don’t really know him much, but he’s a genius and I like geniuses, he is very well read, I saw his #FF video and was sold! So there, take a look and follow him. Go watch his FF Video

@guillermocl Guillermo is from Venezuela, blogger, photographer, web designer, he’s into politics, passionate, compassionate and highly intelligent, and I’m pretty sure that he’s an atheist. His blog.

@achura My buddy Rooker is a high level atheist and Progressive Tweeter. He tweets about everything, mostly about religion and politics; give him the chance to enlighten you. His Site Rooker’s Soapbox

@OutAtheist Show that you’re an Out Atheist and follow OutAtheist. Let your words be heard and use #atheist or #atheism in all your atheist messages.

@futuredirected Samantha is a self-declared Futurist. Opinionated, highly intelligent, and very sweet heathen. She questions everything! She’s a good one for critical thinking. Her site: Welcome to the Future

@Nickdrumr2 You just have to follow Nick; Atheist, funny, witty, interesting, compassionate, engaging. Great choice for following.

@samiahurst Samia is a scientist on Bio-Ethics and medicine. An awesome heathen, blogger, sweet, intelligent and opinionated. Check out her Site: Bio-éthique

@AtheistinWA Atheist, Skeptic, Lefty insightful heathen, who lives at the other side of the pond, totally worthy of twitter engagement.

@Dauson The awesome Dauson Lovi: Published author, writer and executive baker, insightful heathen, and also my Twitter-Hero. Check out his website Holy Shit! A Brief Look at the Christian Problem

@WongoWoman She’s a very smart Free Thinker, Humanist, cleverly amusing, wicked funny, snarky, irreverent, and highly intelligent. She’s a great choice for a follow! She has a website, too WongoWorld

@Nrtikulit Michael is witty, caring, full of fun, engaging Atheist, always ready to give his humor and support. Totally worthy of twitter engagement. Check out his site: Nrtikulit’s Blog

@deconversion Paul is full of resources for skeptical, de-converting, or former Christians. He is smart, caring, great conversationist, very cool Atheist and the reason why I saw “The Princess Bride”. Totally worthy of Twitter engagement.

@GuitarDragon Karen is an anti-religion lady who Tweets and Tweets, sometimes she’s funny, sometimes she’s angry, but always interesting and worthy of Twitter engagement.

@lorddrachenblut Blogger, podcaster. A sweet mighty dragon, my favorite freak, funny, witty and always twisted. Check out his site The Digital Dragon’s Lair

@cherokee_autumn Shay Leene. Atheist, Free-Thinker, insightful heathen who is never afraid to speak her mind out.

@alopiasmag Miguel is a liberal, humanist, atheist. He’s also a dentist, so if your god screwed you over with bad teeth, Miguel is the guy to turn to. Just sayin’. His Site The Secular Dentist

@BibleAlsoSays Atheist, Agnostic, Skeptic, always sharing the most interesting thoughts and links about our secular cause. Here’s their site: The Bible Also Says

@elizapi Eliza… Liberal, Weak Atheist, intellectual, College student. Adorable caring young lady, she’s just so nice to be around, a true friend. You can join her Facebook page here: Eliza Piston

@theadividual She is the awesome Maia Caron, Atheist, Free-Thinker, prolific blogger, and just an inspiration for us. Check out her Site, a true source of enlightenment Maia Caron

@infinitelife_ Ben is an educated Free-Thinker, humanist, blogger, opinionated, interesting, engaging. A huge supporter of our secular cause, and helping with networking outreach. Check out his sites Infinite♥Life and AASSHF – Godless & Proud

@RayBeckerman You have to follow Ray because you can’t not like him. A lawyer who tweets mostly about internet law, social justice, human rights, conservation, and preservation. Check out his site Recording Industry vs. The People

@Liam_Fox Liam… Dad, Grand-Dad, Musician, Social Service Worker, Student, Thinker, Questioner, Challenger, ‘Ex teen Fundamentalist’ gone ‘Quiet 20’s Skeptic’ to a ’30 something Silent Atheist’ come ‘Emerging 40+ Activist & Anti-Theist’. Excellent choice for following.

@SusanLorelei She’s joyful, playful, funny, sweet, mischievous, positive and a great lady. If you ever need to boost your spirits, this is the lady to turn to. Susan is an animal lover, internet aficionado, loves positive people and a really great beer! Who doesn’t? She has a Site Dinner Ideas Pretty self-explanatory!

Other atheists worth following: @badwebsites @dmiller23 @hubbit @freeplay @GodFails @DangerousTalk @cltdba @Cosmic_Owl @gold_tracker @Bruceeverett @LaBrujaRoja @LoveVickyx @MichaelDHorn @ram327 @CuddlyAutomoton @theonides I’m lacking descriptions for each one of them, for now. Sorry guys, I will get on it as soon as I get the chance.

My Blackberry crew:

@TferThomas The kindest gentleman you will ever find and my Twitter-Hero! He’s also a BlackBerry enthusiast, always finding interesting news to share with us. If you need help with your gadgets you might find his website useful BlackBerry in the pocket of TferThomas Thank you, sir.

@MorenaAzucar A BlackBerry lover and a really cool lady. Always looking for three things education, friends and a good time. Her Tumblr: BrownSugar

@iRockaBerry Emma… a sweet, caring girl, a social networking junkie, a tekkie, animal lover, BlackBerry addict, Apple fan & all around Gadget junkie!. Check out her Tumblr: iRockaBerry

@PinkBerryGirl Nathalie is a girl full of life, a BlackBerry & iPhone geek, if you ever need help with your gadgets… Join her Facebook page Nathalie Kawaguchi

I’ll try to keep this post updated, hope you guys enjoy my favorite Tweeties’ company.

We Are Wonderful Atheists!

UPDATED: June 28th, 2011

Hi, I’m Monica, @Monicks on Twitter; remember this tweet? “Getting a count of atheists on twitter by hashtag! If you’re an atheist….”

If you’re fairly new to Twitter you can’t remember that time, but let me fill you in; I started this project somewhere in June 2009, it was a hard task, but I got help from my dear kind friend Antoine @OldCola @AthOnTwi who united his own list with mine (thank you, Antoine.) It took like four weeks for me to gather all the names to create this list, the first version was posted on my Tumblr on August 30th, 2009; but at some point there were too many names and Tumblr couldn’t hold them all in one post… who would have thought, right?

UPDATE: Guess what, to hold over 5,000 links to twitter profiles on a single post, triggers a warning from Google Chrome that the website contains content from a place that is known to distribute malware. Unacceptable. So, I hope you guys don’t mind the little changes.

If you’re not on this list and think you belong here, please fill out this form, you just have to type your Twitter user name and your Twitter URL.

ADD YOURSELF –> Here’s The Link To The Form

This list is a self updating spreadsheet.

You can also find the list, and see your own entry at the top-ish right here.