When Science Fails…

When science fails, we learn something through critical examination of the failure, we narrow down the field of possibilities and try to find the truth. When religion fails, it JUST fails.

But neither side gets to win by default, automatically, just by the failure of the other; EACH side has to prove itself true no matter HOW the other side failed.

Win a free signed copy of Michael Shermer's new book The Believing Brain!

Posted by Think Atheist on June 13, 2011 at 5:55pm in Announcements

This contest is over, we have a new one that is about to start. Click

Alright, we’re at the point now where we can start to release the details of the contest we’re running whereby 3 (three) Think Atheist members will win a signed copy of Dr. Michael Shermer’s new book The Believing Brain: From Ghosts and Gods to Politics and Conspiracies– How We Construct Beliefs and Reinforce Them as Truths (Amazon US, Amazon UK, B&N).

Here are the details:

1) The contest is open only to Think Atheist members so if you’re reading this and you’re not already a member join now! In order to enter you must have a Twitter account as well. Create one now so that you’re prepared ahead of time for the contest.

2) The contest will be held 12AM Friday June 17th to 12PM Sunday June 19th. (All times are Eastern US. Here’s a timezone converter for those in other timezones around the world.) Continue reading

Do you deserve to be stoned to death? – Tweet of the day

Atheists can cite the bible, too.  Actually, we can do this quite well…


Dear Christian married lady: were you a virgin? ‘Cause if you weren’t your bible says you should be executed. Deuteronomy 22:13-21 #atheismTue May 17 23:53:03 via SocialScope


Here’s the Twitter link.

… quite well as to annoy the jeebus out of the Christians who’d rather not hear about these less popular verses of the bible.

See, I do challenge people beliefs, I mean if you believe this is your god’s love talking, then that’s fine by me, *whispers* not entirely, but kinda… sorta.

So, just in case you are not fully aware of what your religious affiliation includes – and you really shouldn’t be – that’s where my tweets come in handy.

I kinda enjoy the reactions these tweets generate, like this lady’s reaction, who though this tweet was full of anger.


See, I didn’t say anything really offensive, I mean, it IS offensive, but I didn’t make it up, did I? The problem here is that this person is taking offense from ME instead of whom, allegedly, is the author of such offense – her loving god.

Well, most Theists will say that it’s me agan picking and choosing, or that the verse is taken out of context, but it’s a long-ish piece of reading so, if you don’t believe me, here is what Deuteronomy 22:13-21 actually says. There are only so many ways you can twist a verse to make it mean something different than what is written.

So, Dear Christian lady, were you a virgin before you got married?