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How to Persuade an Atheist to Become Christian

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By an eHow Contributor

If you want to persuade an atheist to open up and listen to your Christian beliefs, you need to arm yourself with evidence, examples and a good testimony of what you led you to the Christian faith to begin with. Atheists often remain steadfast in the denial of a supreme being because they expect concrete proof that God truly exists. While no one can gather that type of evidence, you can use other resources to help convince them of your faith.

Difficulty: Easy


  1. Focus on the emotional conversion to Christianity. Atheists tend to focus on the rational things of life, things they can test and touch. You cannot test and touch emotion, but you certainly can feel it. Try relating to the atheist on this emotional level by recounting the story of how you found Christ and why you decided to turn to Christianity. Retelling your story of the emotional journey you took to get to the level of faith you have now may peak the interest of an atheist.
  2. Ask the atheist what they believe caused the universe to be formed. Explain that a universe so complex and vast simply cannot come from nothing; a supreme being, often called in arguments an intelligent designer, must exist. Acknowledge that the existence of a supreme being does not necessarily negate the existence of scientifically proven data, such as evolution. In fact, science and religion can work hand in hand if one is willing to listen. An atheist need not give up his knowledge of science and the origins of the Earth to accept that a supreme being exists.
  3. Raise the question of morality with the atheist. Inquire of him where he feels he got his moral values and sense of right and wrong. Argue that morals are something many are innately born with. While our Creator has given us free will, he has also provided us with a sense of right and wrong and the choice to do right or wrong. Most of us experience that inner feeling of guilt and shame we get when we do something wrong. Acknowledge that the society and type of home our parents choose to raise us in greatly affects our moral values as functioning adults but it is difficult to deny the innate awareness we have of what is right and what is wrong.
  4. Present the stories of the Bible to the atheist and show Jesus Christ’s words in the New Testament of forgiveness and love. An atheist may think of the Bible as little more than a storybook but show the atheist your strong belief and faith in the Bible as the true word of God anyway. Persuade the atheist to come with you to a non-denominational church service that is open and informative so he can learn more.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don’t present the evidence for your case in a threatening or accusatory way. Telling an atheist he may reside in hell one day for rejecting Christianity won’t persuade him at all to your beliefs. In fact, he may reject them completely. Explain your faith in a gentle and non-threatening way that shows him you truly care about his soul and not that you’re passing judgment or just trying to win an argument.