Help wanted


What would you add to this job description?


5 thoughts on “Help wanted

  1. People say this being is out there, just hard to get a hold of. I used to call back in the day, but to no avail. From what I understand there’s billions of people looking for this head honcho, but they never get a response… doesn’t stop them from trying though. Some do it once a week… others, daily. Maybe whoever it is doesn’t care. Wow, can you imagine if this being weren’t real after all? Billions of people would look like idiots.

  2. The apologist response is: “God answers all prayers but sometimes the answer is no.”

    If that were the case, there’d be a no. We’d hear it, or see it, or otherwise have something. A memo. A telegram. Something. No answer is not a no. There’s no evidence that a god has ever answered a prayer. There is only silence. Silence is not a no.

  3. Help wanted:
    An arrogant being who bitches about how people should be more tolerant of others culture and belief system yet will scoff at all other beliefs not according and/or contradicts their own.

    …..oh wait…..we already have a surplus of that
    I respect that some people believe in allah and some believe in god. that others think there is many gods and that some think there is only themselves.
    I respect how some people think being a good person will get them in to heaven or following certain steps will have them reach enlightenment. Or those who think we go to a hole and thats that.

    But come on. How exactly are any of you the tolerant ones when you scoff and bash those who believe in an all powerful being? Why do you deserve to have your opinion respected when you won’t respect others?

    look at yourselves for a second

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