One thought on “Spirits and souls

  1. Equivocation.

    A given entity, idea, or event cannot be recognized by science unless it actually affects (or affected) things in the real world. It cannot be explained by science unless it can be evaluated based on the scientific method (repeatability, testability, controllability, etc).

    Arguing against something’s existence based on the fact that science cannot recognize it is a good argument; arguing against something’s existence on the basis that science cannot evaluate it is a bad argument.

    Consider the following hypothetical: intelligent alien lifeforms descend on earth, blow up a few buildings to demonstrate their power, and give humanity 6 months to attain world peace or face annihilation (a common theme in science fiction, albeit a rather odd one). During that 6 months, “science” would be unable to test, control, or repeat the aliens’ actions (their ray guns make that very difficult). Therefore, it could not begin to explain them. However, it could still recognize their affects, and thus recognize their existence despite knowing it probably wouldn’t ever be able to explain their existence.

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