Do you believe in magic? – Tweet of the day

This assertion, in my opinion, is pretty self-explanatory. Most people will tell you they don’t believe in magic, but they do believe in god. According to them the comparison is “stupid.” Right, because talking animals, wizards, witches, demons, sticks turning into snakes, food falling from the sky, people walking on water, that is not magic.


The funny thing is I do believe in magic, for I think magic is just science we haven’t been able to explain yet, but I don’t believe there is a god, nor there ever was a talking snake. I might be wrong, though.

This tweet got a bajillion of retweets, so I thought I should give it a little space here.

So, what say you, do you believe in magic?

This is the original Twitter link.

Also, it was really cool that PC Siqueira translated it to Portuguese, and apparently it was a hit. Thanks, PC.

This is the original Twitter link.


2 thoughts on “Do you believe in magic? – Tweet of the day

  1. WHAT no witches, wizards,or demons? I suppose that means no vampires either. Sticks turning into snakes, walking on water, boring. Food falling from the sky, the flying spaghetti monster might have a few words about that. On a more serious note i believe science is the magic from dreams, imagination and an open mind.

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