The rapture failed, Camping speaks out!

It has been practically demanded of me to comment on the aftermath of this non-event. I promise I wasn’t going to because I really don’t think we need to elaborate much on this issue, but since we’re on it, let’s just establish a few points, but first, yeah, we have Camping on video.

Doesn’t say much, does he?

Here is a quote from his website Family

“The Biblical evidence is too overwhelming and specific to be wrong. Christ’s people can look with great confidence to this date because God promises His “beloved” He will not come upon them as a thief in the night. God in His mercy has revealed the vital information needed to know the day. Judgment Day on May 21, 2011 will occur because the bible declares it.”


I was ranting a little bit on Twitter about this, actually I feel rather frustrated, but I can’t wait to show you guys this Camping’s video so I’m gonna just retweet myself here.

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By the way, the “BS” acronym in this tweet stands for “Broken Science,” although you can read it as you please.

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Why am I frustrated? Because this scenario sounds great:

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We can have our further rants here in the comments if you like.


Harold Camping admits failed Judgement Day prediction for May 21 – Doomsday rescheduled for October 21st, 2011.

“We were convinced that on May 21 God would return here in a very physical way…by bringing a great earthquake and ushering in the final five months of the day of judgment…and the fact is, when we look at it spiritually, then we find He did come. He did come!”

-Harold Camping, May 23, 2011

I got this link on Twitter from Antony Allen to a news article on Huffington Post: Judgment Day Predictor Harold Camping Speaks Out (Live Blog)

Here’s a short transcript of his radio interview:

Q: Will you give up all of your worldly possessions on Oct 21st?

A: He doesn’t understand the question, because it will be the end of the world and no one will have any use for worldly possessions, wo why bother selling his things? He has no interest in answering the question.

Q: What about the people who donated their entire savings to Family Radio?

A: He never told anyone what to do with their finances. They did it because they love the lord, and they will be blessed.

Q: How can you be so sure about Oct 21st if you were wrong about May 21st?

A: We have always said that Oct 21st was the true end of the world! It’s amazing what god showed us on May 21st during the spiritual judgement!

Q:Do you take responsibility for people who gave up everything?

A: Family Radio has always said that we’re not the authority — the bible is.

Q: You said in the past that there is no way that May 21st will be a spiritual judgement day. How can you reconcile that now?

A: The bible is confusing. We don’t always hit the nail on the head the first time.

Follow-up Q: So are you saying that we can never be sure of what the bible says?

A: Yup.

Q: What about the lady who tried to kill herself and her two children?

A: Oh they didn’t die? That makes me feel so good! The bible condemns murder. Death is god’s business.

Q: Don’t you take responsibility for that?

A: I just teach the bible. I do not have spiritual rule over anyone. Well, except for my wife, because I’m the head of the household.

Q: You said that the bible was impossible to completely understand. How can you tell your followers that the world will end on Oct 21st based on the bible?

A: I’ve never said that I’m infallible. The bible however, is.

Q: Are you prepared to apologize?

A: If people want me to, I’m ready to apologize. I’m not a genius. When I make an error, I say that I was wrong. I’ve said multiple times that I was wrong. However, the world is spiritually different that it was on May 20th, because we are under spiritual judgement, so I was only wrong about the physical judgement.

Camping also said that since the world has been warned, he will remove all of his billboards, pamphlets, etc. His program will no longer be about the coming of judgement day, it will be filled with music and teaching children.


2 thoughts on “The rapture failed, Camping speaks out!

  1. The date has now been changed to October 21, 2011. On that date I would encourage everyone to purchase blow up dolls, fill them with helium and at the appointed hour release them. That should panic the hell out of the believers.

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