There is a LOLcat for every situation in life, no doubt. — Judgement Day

So this morning I tweeted this image. I can’t remember where I stole it from. It was so cute.


So just to gain more time, I think, (although that might have worked backwards for him) Camping changed the accuracy of his prediction, and made it a global event on a time zone by time zone basis — just like Santa on Christmas Eve.

The thing is that by that ‘time zone by time zone’ token, the rapture should have taken place in New Zealand already… and guess what — it didn’t happen……….yet?

So, this LOLcat made me laugh for a solid 10 minutes. I’m still giggling, thought I would share this one with you, too.

So have a laugh, you guys. Who knows, a solar flare could make us go in a blink… funny thing is – best case scenario – we would have like eight minutes to get ready.

8 thoughts on “There is a LOLcat for every situation in life, no doubt. — Judgement Day

    • Yeah… That’s true, but that really has nothing at all to do with anything.  It’s a FLARE not a FLASH… In future try to read at such a speed that your brain can absorb…

  1. Well dude admitted that his so called math was wrong in 94′ and I’m curious to hear how he spins this one. ‘They’ always say things like, “It is just the beginning of the end, not the end’ or the not classic, “Your prayers were answered.” Both of which are what the cool kids call Bull of the Sh*t. Awesome “M” and Happy Rapture Day.

    • Thank you, Kriss. Happy post-non-rapture day to you!

      While Camping himself hasn’t said anything yet, his followers said the delay was a further test from god to persevere in their faith. So, they don’t even need anyone to keep their delusion alive anymore, they just delude themselves justifying the scam.

      Just a bit earlier I said on Twitter, that these people have no one to blame but themselves, for they refuse to learn from their own mistakes. Am I being too harsh?

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