We Have Nothing More To Talk About

Many religious family members pray for their atheist and agnostic loved ones graciously, honoring personal boundaries and showing respect for the skeptic’s right to form his/her own worldview. This video is not about them. This video is an open letter to the mothers, fathers, siblings and friends who attempt to rescue the atheist by sheer, constant, suffocating volume. If you’re a skeptic fending off the constant barrage of attempts to convince, cajole and convert you to Christianity, perhaps this video will help you articulate your reasons for rejecting superstition and choosing the path of reason, science and common sense.


2 thoughts on “We Have Nothing More To Talk About

  1. This is a fantastic video. Extremely logical with one knock-down argument after another. I was recently involved in a debate with a creationist, which I was forced to quit because it was a big constraint on my time, patience and temper. 

    I have faced opposition from people close to me and I know how hard this can be. But I think I’ve won!

    Thank you for posting this.

  2. Nice video. I let them do their preaching, get it out of their system if it is no more than fifteen minutes. Then say I disagree so we will have to agree to disagree. It is usually quiet at least for a few months.

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