No faith? No problem.

Actually I prefer my “no faith” status, but if you can’t handle reality, there’s a pill for that!

It’s a sketch featuring by my friend Ryan Hoffman, actor, writer and comedian.

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The pharmaceutical companies have developed a pill for people who are depressed by the mundane nature of existence.

A Temple Horses Sketch Written by Nick Ruggia

Directed by Nick Ruggia and Ryan Hoffman

Edited by Nick Ruggia

Ryan Hoffman – DEPRESSED MAN


2 thoughts on “No faith? No problem.

  1. Do i get a bunny if i say i was offended even if i wasn’t?  Oh and if i do could you please make it a chocolate bunny.

  2. This was great, really doing a good job of showing a small portion of the faults in the Christian religion in a comedic way. 10/10

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