One thought on “The fair weather friend

  1. Sherlock Holmes will save you, Watson
    The proper name ‘Sherlock Holmes’ refers to no person, living or dead. Holmes never lived.
    Everything we can know about Holmes comes from the imagination of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. His writings are the only sacred text for all questions concerning the great detective. Any other text for example an engaging novel, The Seven Percent Solution) is as theologians say “resides outside the canon”.

    Imitative authors and adoring fans however can not limit themselves to the received text. They want more.
    Fan fiction — books, TV and move scripts — attempt to resurrect Holmes without doing violence to the historical Holmes.
    Now, simply substitute ‘Jesus Christ’ for ’Sherlock Holmes’. The truth emerges — there is no historical Jesus.
    “Jesus” belongs solely to judaic historical fiction. More darkly,  Paul’s creation the hellenistic divine alter ego “Christ” belongs to morbid fantasy comix as the Holy World Avenger™.

    You can no more have a personal relationship with Jesus/Christ than you can with Sherlock Holmes.

    the anti_supernaturalist

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