Why Religion is like the Lotto

If you’re like me, you’ve probably subscribed to a lot of blogs, news sites, and have some newly acquired books, then after just a little while of laziness you’ve found yourself with a reading backlog virtually impossible to fulfill.

Trying to catch up with some of it, I found this post from December 2010, which is totally worth reading. You guys know how I love Top Ten Lists, this one is, in my humble opinion, very insightful. So I decided to share this excerpt with you.

The Top 10 List – Why Religion is like the Lotto

  1. You’re playing against ridiculous odds but…
  2. It’s easy to ignore the odds if you’re fixated too much on the prize.
  3. There may not even be a “winner” at and you just wasted all that time and money for nothing.
  4. In most cases, you’re actually playing a Lucky-Pick game, because your choice of religion depends largely not on personal choice, but on the circumstances of your birth
  5. If the lotto was like religion, you are forced to use the same combination every time.
  6. If the lotto was like religion, you can’t bet on more than one combination at a time. That is, you can’t improve your chances of “winning” by playing the field.
  7. You have to play continuously and (pardon the pun) religiously because you don’t want to run the risk that your “number” was drawn on the day you didn’t prepare.
  8. Lotto tickets aren’t free. Bought one at a time, you may think its small change. But add up a lifetime’s worth of constant betting and it’s easy to regret all that time and money wasted on buying losing tickets.
  9. Some people may claim that they’re buying a ticket to “help charity” but everyone knows they’re just after the prize.
  10. There’s no shortage of quacks and superstitious nonsense all claiming to know the secret to getting the winning combination.

And a bonus #11: If everyone just stopped wasting all their time and money betting on the lotto and concentrated their efforts on something more tangible and realistic, a lot of good could have gotten done instead.

Via FilipinoFreeThinkers.org


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