Somewhere fingers are flying


3 thoughts on “Somewhere fingers are flying

  1. the “holy spirit” is cultural indoctrination — ditto: Allah, YHVH, Ahura Mazda, Buddha, Krishna ad nauseum.
    <b> subjective certainty says nothing about reality</b>

    Knowledge and subjective certainty characterize discourses totally distinct from one another. Establishing truth, knowledge, and reality requires openly verifiable evidence, not gibberish from a hermetic god’s proxy: not priest, not pastor, not rabbi, nor imam, Mommy or Dad.
    Subjective certainty is a false proxy for truth. Listen to xians…there’s nothing to their god-talk other than an irrational defense of fable. Nevertheless, they employ subjective certainty to justify evil and subversive attacks on the Republic.

    Those awakened ones who alter their conditioning through self-education, can also alter their sensibilities by erasing old and building new neural pathways. They subordinate “feelings” to what Freud called ‘the reality principle’. Only then can all supernatural beings be nullified (rendered metaphorically dead).

    Buddha and Confucius understood in part — the gods are inferior to any enlightened individual. “God” as a culturally eliminable concept may be left to rot.

    All believers (from the big-3 monster theisms) harm their own brains by linking their disgust to truth seeking (the sciences) and by linking subjective certainty about supernaturalism to “bliss.”

    Listen! <i>There are altogether no supernatural phenomena, only supernatural interpretations of phenomena.</i>

    the anti_supernaturalist (and immoralist2)

  2. We each have been given the free agency with which to determine our own course in life. We are not
    subject to any outside pronouncement or injunction or control by any other entity including God
    almighty because we are destined to become like him and for that to happen, we must necessarily learn to be independent and learn to think for ourselves. Being offspring of God, we are destined to become like him. This is a combining of both the ultimate freedom and the ultimate responsibility.
    Religion does not support this philosophy. Jesus came to tell us this but his message has been lost
    due to the actions of those who seek power over others by dispensing untruth and fear.
    Doug Rosbury

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