Thank you, Jesus!


One thought on “Thank you, Jesus!

  1. Even though I agree with atheism, I did not like this post. All the panels lack cohesiveness taken together to form a point. The first two are about children being victims. The third one generalizes about deaths due to planetary disasters. Perhaps the idea is that many people, particularly children, suffer. So be it, but that has nothing to do with Christianity or religion. For example, I can’t imagine the author trying to insinuate that Priests were the molesters from the first panel or any other religious context.
    The last panel with the woman seems to have been thrown in merely to provide a punch line. Perhaps at the moment, while looking for a parking space, she is not cognizant of the suffering children and people are going through (as pointed out by the previous three panels). I see no connection of why she should be held accountable for those who suffer at every minute of the day. Sure it’s easy to mock her for thanking Jesus, but it seems disingenuous to connect it to the first three panels. I suppose the author could have thrown in someone eating a sandwich instead in the last panel to convey the same point: there is no point.

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