… and just for that

I never watch Glee, actually, I never watch TV. There are so many other things I’m interested in that I never have time to sit back and watch TV like other people do; but even if I did, I’m pretty sure Glee would not be amongst my favorite shows.

Having said that, I admit to having enjoyed a few videos of pretty good songs from this show on YouTube.

Since my friends know how passionate I am about certain things, this particular episode of Glee was brought to my attention, and according to them, it’s a must-see.

So assuming that you’re like me and haven’t watched this, just take a look at this preview.

This episode is titled “Grilled Cheesus”, and just for that, Glee has gained a little bit of my respect.

2 thoughts on “… and just for that

  1. I’m a Glee watcher, though I admit the show is pretty hit or miss this season. At any rate, Grilled Cheesus was a great episode–not just because it was a rare example of atheism presented in a realistic and non-bigoted way, but also because it did a pretty good job of handling larger issues of religion in society without really making any kind of judgmental statement. Hooray, Grilled Cheesus!

  2. Glad that I am not the only person who never match TV. I have a TV in my room but I have never used it. I wonder if this rarely-watch-TV habit is a trait of rationalists/free-thinkers?

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