Do you believe in love? – Atheist Sunday School


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Do you believe in love? Who’s up for a quick, really quick #AtheistSundaySchool? #atheism #atheistSun Nov 28 15:52:13 via SocialScope


It’s been a while since our last #AtheistSundaySchool in case you missed it #atheism #atheistSun Nov 28 16:16:52 via SocialScope


Anyway… Let’s talk about love. Are you guys ready? Do you believe in love? #AtheistSundaySchool #atheism #atheistSun Nov 28 16:31:38 via SocialScope


Theists usually ask atheists if they believe in love. After all, no one can deny that love exists, but no one can prove it exists. #atheismSun Nov 28 16:35:21 via SocialScope


If atheists believe in love, which cannot be proven to exist, that invalidates our argument against God’s existence. #atheism #atheistSun Nov 28 16:43:35 via SocialScope



There is nothing contradictory in accepting the existence of love without believing in the existence of god. Why, you ask? #atheism #atheistSun Nov 28 16:47:46 via SocialScope


The analogy fails because ‘love’ and ‘god’ are very different concepts in a fundamental way, and so can’t be compared. #atheism #atheistSun Nov 28 16:53:27 via SocialScope


Love is subjective, a personal state of mind, it exists only in our minds, our personal perceptions of it define its existence… #atheismSun Nov 28 16:59:28 via SocialScope


But love is not *supposed* to exist anywhere but in our minds, the only evidence for its existence is our perception of it. #atheismSun Nov 28 17:02:57 via SocialScope


god is not subjective. If he exists,he shouldn’t just exist in our minds, his nature should not be defined by our perception of him #atheismSun Nov 28 17:09:53 via SocialScope


Subjective sensations can be evidence for a subjective experience or feeling (love), but not for an objective being or entity (god) #atheismSun Nov 28 17:17:00 via SocialScope


Love is not supposed to exist anywhere but in personal mental states, which are inherently unverifiable… #atheismSun Nov 28 17:26:42 via SocialScope


Observable chemical reactions are not evidence of love existence. Remember, the brain reacts in the same way to chocolate intake. #atheismSun Nov 28 17:29:10 via SocialScope


god is, allegedly,an objective being w an existence independent of anyone’s thoughts. It’s perfectly appropriate to expect evidence #atheismSun Nov 28 17:35:46 via SocialScope


Whereas we all experience love similarly, the existence of god is an extraordinary claim, not in line with everyone’s experience. #atheismSun Nov 28 17:49:37 via SocialScope

That should have read “somewhat similarly.”


So, this “god is love” argument, and to say that one exists is to say that the other exists, is just a logical fallacy. #atheism #atheistSun Nov 28 18:05:27 via SocialScope


Ok, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s #AtheistSundaySchool. Thank you all for your mentions and comments. Have a fantabulous day. (◕‿◕)’Sun Nov 28 18:13:24 via SocialScope



6 thoughts on “Do you believe in love? – Atheist Sunday School

      • No Dear, It’s a result of my experiences and watching the experiences of others. Love is like god in that it is used to keep us in line. “If you don’t buy our soap, You wont get clean and no one will love you.” Love has been used to sell us a bill of goods. If we don’t believe in god we’re threatened with hell, If we don’t believe in love we’re threatened with loneliness. With holding love is a nasty tactic used too often. I cant be hurt by a lack of something that is an arbitrary construct.
        I would rather hear someone say;”I really, really like you! Lots!” It would have more meaning… 🙂

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  2. Do you believe we as humans can observe through our senses or technology everything that exists in our universe?  I think its pretty safe to say most people don’t.
    So, my question is, is it possible that GOD exists maybe in one of these “un-observable dimensions” (for lack of a better word) and the only “evidence” for him maybe personal experiences or perceptions just like other “concepts” such as love?

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