Husband records his wife in bed with a priest

Not very surprising, but still worth reporting. Here’s the video.

A Peruvian who was cheated on by his wife and her employer, a priest, decided to document the facts and, armed with a video camera, filmed the couple having sex in the parish.

A television channel broadcasted some images last night, which are now on numerous websites in the country and provided other information about the event: the employed, Teodolinda Amaya, says she is four months pregnant and the father is the priest José Antonio Boitrón, who also has been fired after the fact, after 15 years of work.

The incident occurred at Trujillo in northern Peru. The decieved husband, after passing the church and reaching a room that looks like the sacristy or office with a bed, recorded a few seconds of intercourse and then walks in on the lovers, without turning off the camera.

“I’m going to report you to the police right now,” said the husband, while recording the scene…

“Calm down, calm down,” replied the priest, “I admit it … I’ve been setr up, and I have fallen” he stammered, while covering his nakedness with a sheet.

The maid told the TV channel that she was forced by the priest José Antonio Boitrón, who harassed her, and claims that her four months of pregnancy is the result of this relationship. Now he claims not only the recognition of paternity, but also compensation for fifteen years of service.


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