Is Free Thinking A Mental Illness?

I was recently pointed to this article, and truth be told, I am quite offended. Obviously all of us free thinkers would say that the answer to this question is a very loud NO, but the “experts” have a different opinion:


One thought on “Is Free Thinking A Mental Illness?

  1. Well, i can pick a few fallacies in the presentation, here are some:

    Simpthoms according to the article:
    DSM-IV include
    above-average creativity,
    and antisocial behavior.

    Simtoms according to goodle health:

    * Actively does not follow adults’ requests
    * Angry and resentful of others
    * Argues with adults
    * Blames others for own mistakes
    * Has few or no friends or has lost friends
    * Is in constant trouble in school
    * Loses temper
    * Spiteful or seeks revenge
    * Touchy or easily annoyed

    To fit this diagnosis, the pattern must last for at least 6 months and must be more than normal childhood misbehavior.

    It immediately strikes me, that the 2 lists are not the same, in fact, the list from the article is kinds skewed and missing a lot of items … Fallacy by omission + play on words. that’s a 2 count right there.

    Now to the best parts 🙂

    The main theme of the website, it that of a conspiracy theorist haven. simply check there about page:

    and look at :

    Each week we include articles on topics such as:

    * Gardening, including “Crisis Gardens”
    * Alternative Energy Options, so you can go ‘Off Grid’
    * Political Analysis, So You Can Understand What’s Really Going On
    * Herbal Medicines and Alternative Health Care
    * Threats to Your Privacy
    * Economic Analysis, So You Can Prepare Your Finances
    * Gun Ownership, Maintenance, Training and Use
    * How-To Articles on Things Like Canning and Food Storage
    * Emergency Preparedness Planning and Crisis Response
    * Personal Security & Self Defense

    And much more…

    And it indeed gets better.

    # What rising gold prices mean to you… even if you don’t own gold

    # How health care reform-in any form-is a sneak attack on your constitutional rights

    right, so the article fit’s nicely into that cloud of ideas and concepts. I don’t think we should worry much about the cookery 🙂

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