Why do you believe in God?

3 thoughts on “Why do you believe in God?

  1. The religions of the world are a starting point towards enlightenment. The paths all lead to LOVE in the end, for those few individual who grow past the limits of human intellect and reasoning. Jesus was not a Christian and spoke against the religious leaders, he preached Love and acceptance not religion. God is Love … I believe in Love while I reject religions and doctrines. The term Jesus introduced to mankind was spiritual and those internal sensation when fully explored and experienced brings one to LOVE http://halabbak.wordpress.com/ Only a small minority find that genuine experience of LOVE towards all.

    • Thank you for your comment, halabbak.
      god is not Love, on the contrary, if the god described in the bible existed, would beat hands down the world’s most wanted mass murderer in the history of mankind. Read your bible.
      Love is a feeling, not an entity, nor a deity.

  2. Suppose you want to purchase a pound of turkey at the deli counter. Upon arrival there, you find that you must take a number before you can place your order. Just as you are about to take a number, however, you find that you are required to take a number before you can take a number. And just as you are about to take that number, you find that you must first take yet another number. Thus, you must take a number to take a number to take a number to be able to place your order at the deli counter.

    Suppose further that the series of numbers you are required to take in infinite. Every single time you are about to take a number, you discover that there exists a prior number you must first take before you can take the next number. You will never get to the deli counter under such conditions. From now until the end of time, you will be forever taking numbers.

    Now if you were to come across someone in the grocery store walking around with half a pound of roast beef that he had purchased at the deli coutner, you would instantly know that the series of numbers must in fact not go on forever. We have seen that with an infinite series of numbers, no one could ever reach the deli counter. But the person with the roast beef must somehow have managed to get to the counter. Thus the series cannot be infinite.

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