What the Pope Knew

Aired September 13, 2010 on BBC One


One thought on “What the Pope Knew

  1. And you believe that the BBC knows what it’s talking about when it comes to the Catholic Church. Think critically: A man was killed as a criminal nearly 2100 years ago…and mankind is still talking about it. Think critically. How did people survive 40 years wandering around in the desert? Think critically. You believe that, because some priests abused some children, that every priest in the Catholic Church is responsible. I don’t much care whether you think Christianity is right or wrong. Before you accuse innocent people of something they did not do because of some people who dress the same and did something they shouldn’t have, think critically. By the way, exactly why is it wrong for men to have sex with someone of double digit age? Just so you know…it was the God who created the universe who told us it was wrong, who wrote it on our consciences so we would know.

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