Ground Zero Mosque – Why there? Freedom of Speech vs Freedom of Faith

5 thoughts on “Ground Zero Mosque – Why there? Freedom of Speech vs Freedom of Faith

  1. Is there some way of getting a map of lower Manhattan that lists all the shops around ground zero? How many churches are there within two or three blocks of the site? How many pizzerias? How many strip clubs? How many department stores? Personally I’d be more offended if there’s a tourist bureau or a gift shop within walking distance of ground zero.

  2. I don’t have a problem with it at all. In fact, in the spirit of building bridges and dialogue, I think someone should build a gay bar next to the mosque (in fact, I know someone who plans to).

  3. I have some pictures of Ground Zero if you like, taken just for this reason…there is strip clubs and massage parlors and Dunkin Donuts and many other things…tired of their excuses. Now mosques are being protested all over…

  4. I’m against the Mosque, just because it’s a religious building. I’d be just as against a church there, or a mosque anywhere else.

    Not against it enough to protest actively, just enough to comment semianonymously on a blog that I pretty much 100% agree with 😉

    but still, stop building religios buildings and put the cash where your mouths are and help actual people with it. I imagine you could buy a lot of soup with the cost of a block of land in downtown NYC

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