Sentenced to death for adultery… by stoning.

Unless you live in another planet, you must have heard about the global outcry over the imminent execution by stoning of Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani.

According to CNN:

“Legally it’s all over,” Ahadi said Sunday. “It’s a done deal. Sakineh can be stoned at any minute.”

Sadly, this is not an isolated case. Granted that it’s been a while since the last time a woman  was stoned to death in Iran, at least officially, this is not the first and won’t be the last case of abuse and repression of women. This shouldn’t be happening at all, anywhere in the world. This kind of tragic, brutal, barbaric repression against women in the Muslim world must be stopped. It requires the commitment and dedication of entire societies to wipe out systemic abuse of women.

One thing I cannot keep myself from recalling, is that these people ‘learned’ this execution method from the Qur’an (Koran) – their own holy book.  Islam is a much greater threat to the physical integrity and culture of the entire world than Christianity currently is – I wouldn’t know where to place Islamic barbaric executions compared to Catholic priests child abuse, but I digress. This, I’m afraid, might not be the case in the near future, with the rise of Christian extremism, it has become urgent the need for awareness of women’s rights. Instead of patting ourselves on the back for how civilized we are, we should be more vigilant.

Would it be too off to say that once you control women, you control all of mankind? Without women (the means of reproduction) there is no human race to subdue. This is the groundwork of any fundamentalist religious affiliation.

What would you do if it was your mother, your daughter, your sister or your best friend sentenced to death by stoning for adultery? Sadly, there’s not much you can do in Iran.

Let me tell you how this execution method works:

Ashtiani, 42, will be buried up to her chest, according to an Amnesty International report citing the Iranian penal code. The stones that will be hurled at her will be large enough to cause pain but not so large as to kill her immediately.

This makes it clear that the purpose of stoning is to inflict pain in a process leading to slow death. No, we’re not back in the dark ages, this is happening today.

This is why we need our secular voices to be heard. Speak up, people. We must strive to make a difference.

Send a letter to the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani, urging him to end the use of stoning as a method of execution in Iran. Let’s try to help.

This is happening here, in our world, to our species.

It infuriates me to think that some people keep telling me that religion doesn’t cause any harm.

4 thoughts on “Sentenced to death for adultery… by stoning.

  1. It’s because of injustices like this that you could see logic in McCain’s “Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran”.

    Perhaps we need a United Nations stance on this. Why not put economic sanctions on Iran, and any other country that practices this, until they put a stop to stuff like this?

    I wonder if stoning is ever prescribed for rapists in Iran. Considering the rates of rape in Iran and other Muslim countries, it seems like we ought to be hearing about rapists being stoned to death, but no…

    • The issue with McCain’s “bomb iran” nonsense is that we’ve wasted all of our goodwill and military power fighting a war that was not altogether necessary.

      Had we merely attacked Afghanistan, the islamic theocracy which attacked us, we might still have both the political and real capital with which to fight on through Iran. Unfortunately, we are incapable now of taking a serious military stand against any nation.

  2. Here goes…

    @Mythicsushi – you should read more on the attitude and legal perspective on rape in an islamic nation. It is always viewed as the woman’s fault, and her life is forfeit. Many are killed by their own fathers.

    This is the extreme end of when church and state are not separate, and is the root of the problem with an islamic society. As westerners, it is difficult for us to grasp that their religion IS their government. A mosque is not like a church in the west – it is also the seat of government, etc. There is also no freedom of speech – their blasphemy laws are very real and used very actively.

    We also have to understand that the Qur’an drives the islamic world to expand. They are justified by that book to take any action necessary to achieve world-wide islamic domination. As a result, the only way to prevent them from achieving that goal is to prevent them from having the military might to push their agenda.

    I have had several discussions with folks about what it is the taliban wants in Afghanistan – why do they keep fighting against the government and against NATO? The answer is, and this is borne out by what they did in the 1990’s, they want a return to a 7th century form of governement and lifestyle. That’s it. How do you counter that goal with logic or rhetoric? The answer is, you cannot. The only thing these folks understand is overwhelming force. They cannot even comprehend a democracy, let alone function in one. We should have given them a monarchy, and by now, Afghanistan might be more settled than it is.

    I do agree with the power of women and I think the key to changing the whole islamic society is through educating women. Unfortunately, the powers that oppose us understand that too, which is why they destroy girls schools, poison female students, and in general do everything they can to keep them repressed and deny them basic rights. It is sickening to watch. The worst part is when women who have been educated still support islam and its delusions, instead of speaking out loudly and often against the evil it represents. There are a few courageous enough to do so, and I applaud them, as they do so under constant threat of death.

    Enough of my rant. I don’t have an answer to the tragedy in Iran, but if the basic rights of greater than 50% of the islamic world, as well as the threat of constant jihad against us, is not reason enough to fight this evil, I don’t know what is. The problem is, the western world does not have the stomach to do what needs to be done – it is a horrific vision to contemplate what it would take to eradicate islam, but I am very afraid it will have to be done one day, or they will achieve their ultimate goal.

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