What If God Disappeared?

More Edward Current’s satire.

10 thoughts on “What If God Disappeared?

  1. It never amazes me how stupid atheists are: When God disspears people die anti-Christian:

    150,000,000 dead, killed by vain, self-centered, careless, pleasure-addicted mockers like yourself, who because of everything I just said, ignores the meaning of the definition of love, and the Bible’s, God’s. You aren’t God, so why do you keep insisiting on your way? How can you be so blind? 150,000,000 killed, do you know what I’m referring to? Hint: in less than 100 years, in the past 100 years. Now do you know? If not: Your communist atheist friends.

    And don’t forget Hitler, who loved Nitzche and hated Christians so much that he sent Mussolini some books on him as a gift. So you can add at least 55,000,000 deaths to that number, and no, my reference isn’t myself, as you atheists love to use as a reference in your arrogance, unlike you I have real references at least:


    That’s what happens when you take out Jesus, who is God, who said,

    “You know the commandments: ‘Do not murder, do not commit adultery, do not steal, do not give false testimony, do not defraud, honor your father and mother.'” – Mark 10:18-20



    “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

    Wasn’t he so evil, miss “Love is across all species” yet who fights against the loving Christians who unlike you atheists, spends a massive amount of time helping others, and out of their poverty, miss, “Love is across all species, but lets torment Muslims by calling on a day for drawing Mohammed and provoking murders, suicide bombings and nuclear war.”? God you’re a hypocrite, a blind person, a narcissist. Love is across all KINDS, but you’re love is hate, you who calls good evil, and evil good.

    You fail, because you judge by mere appearances, and hardly anything, repeatedly forgetting the beauty you see everywhere is obviously not a coincidence, not random, not made by noodles you childish mocker, pretending evolutionary fairy theories can be tested, and lying about intelligent design not being scientific.

    Here lazy-to-the-truth one, who wants more mass murders, who forgets the hundreds of thousands of babies cut up and trashed each year in the name of “fun” and “saving life” and “it punishes the rapist’s you fundies, kill kill kill the babies you Christians who claim we eat babies! You’re so mean you fundies! Oh you Muslims are all so evil! We atheists are perfect! We never do wrong! You all killed more in the Crusades and in the Salem Witch Trials millions died! Millions of witches were burned, just trust me and my Wiccan friends, here, here’s proof: look at our hearts!… Look at our dramatic pauses: … … … Look at how we watch vampire movies all the time and read vampire books all the time while you evil idiots who refuse to not believe in gods to solve your problems starve! You stupid skinny black people, stop believing in your silly Gods! Come on you stupid little black kids starving in Africa, you’re starving because Christians won’t stop believing in God! You’re starving because of the thousands of Christians that go to Africa every year to feed you while we atheists and anti-Christians have fun!”

    http://20questions.tk <— Why can't Muslims or atheists answer these questions and why do they resist acknowledging this evidence for the Bible all the time?

    http://correlations.tk <— Why is there a higher ratio of atheists in prison?

    http://insanityofatheis,.tk <— Why are atheist so callous, stupid and murderous, for example trying to provoke Muslism to nuke America like you and your friends did, you sick idiots?

    htt://cyberstalkers.tk <— Why so murderous?

    http://adriannecurry.tk <— Why so hypocritical and disrespectful?

    http://bill-maher.tk <— Why so stupid and callous?

    http://shermer.tk <— Why so smug?

    http://stupidtwits.tk <— Why was I banned from Twitter, criticizing false Christians and teaching to be peaceful, while your idiot self is allowed to continue provoking Muslims to murder all Americans?

    Kill yourself and your friends if you want population reduction so bad and for the magical flying global warming monster to go away, and for it never to rain, snow or for the wind to blow again. Kill yourselves and lets see if yor magic randomness, chaos god of the gaps comes to save you, Miss Oh Imagine If Their's No God Hee Hee, I'm So Wise… Trust Me, Cuz I'm Me and and I Post Ccute Stuff and Make Smug Cutsie Sarcastic Conniving Jokes Against Whoever Disagrees With Me, Trying to Bash My Beliefs On Them, Trying to Force Everyone To Believe Like Me By Being Cruel and Denying the Obvious and Evident to No End! Aren't I Loveable! … ?

    • You are very rude. You came to this site to trash the author. Why? What will it get you?
      *Shakes head* I have yet to see an Atheist as rude as you. This was very ugly.
      Come back when you can argue respectfully in an adult fashion.

    • Wow. @Knight, you are one small-minded, pathetic person. Your ugly rant has so many factual discrepancies it’s not even worth addressing. You obviously learned your art very well from that greatest of fictional accounts, the Bible. I have to agree with @Lili – why come to this blog and pick on someone who may mock, but is not ugly and hateful, like you are?

      By the way, I went to your silly 20 questions site – none of those apply to atheists, so what’s your point? Just trolling?

  2. Thanks to knight for providing such an excellent example of why and how Christianity is so harmful.

    Your hate filled rants prove our point brilliantly.

  3. @ Knight: Your total ignorance of history is appalling. You should pull your head out of your ass before you suffocate. Believe this:
    If there really was a god he’d realize what a mistake he had made in you.

  4. @knight you mean spirited rant has done nothing that prove the point I have made many times, that religion causes hatred towards others. Your rant is small minded and above all factually incorrect.

    Pull your head in…

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