Where is the beef? Jesus is missing

Christians love Jesus and their bible. They believe the bible is the word of God, and to be taken as true. It is perfect to them. I ask ….. where is the beef? Jesus is missing from history. We must find him. Someone has stolen Jesus from all historical records. We need Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The bible being the foundation to Christianity. It is true and perfect as the one true word of God. Is it? There is no mention of Jesus from historians around early 1 AD. Why is that? You would think that the Lord and Savior/Miracle worker would have made hundreds if not thousands of documents. There is none. Of all real important people from that time period there are written records from multiple sources proving their existence. Jesus by any stretch of the imagination was a very important figure during that time. Where is the documentation? Could it be Christians are worshiping the mystery deity.

Christians often like to point to Josephus and his miraculous paragraph of Jesus. That is known to all but a few as being tampered with, and written 60 years after Jesus died. Jesus spent 30 years in Bethlehem you would think some one the 25 plus families would have known they were in the presence of a young god. Someone might have made a note of something he did. 30 years of the greatest living god on earth is missing. Where did it go? What did he do? He proclaims himself a god at 12. Jesus is from Nazareth, or was he? Nazareth did not exist at 1 AD. The first historical mention of the town of Nazareth was in late 3rd or early 4th century. There are sources from ancient times listing up to 63 Galilean towns. Not one mention of…. Nazareth. Hmmmm. Makes you think huh? No sign of the greatest man to walk the earth or his city.

The Gospel of Philip says ‘The apostles that came before us called him Jesus of Nazarene the Christ and …”Nazara” is the “truth”. Therefore ‘ Nazarene’ is “The one of the truth” The Nazarene was a Christian sect off the Essenes. The Nazarene had nothing to do with a made up city of Nazareth. It was in the Gospel of Mathew that Jesus was deceitfully called a Nazarene. He decided to use the name of a new town (Nazareth) for his Jesus.

How about which Jesus was this written about? Apparently a lot of Jesus’s were running around proclaiming to be the messiah too. None were the Jesus of Nazareth. How about the biblical account were Pilate offered the Jews the release of just one prisoner and the curse race chose Barabbas instead of Jesus. In the records in turns out Barabbas first name was Jesus. His last name means Son of the Father. So this shows that Pilates had Jesus Son of God, and Jesus Son of the Father in his prison. Are your getting the feeling nothing is true in that bible?

Crucified? Jesus ben Stada was a judaen agitator who pissed the romans off around the 2nd century. He was crucified. What about Jesus of Nazareth? Hmmm. His records of being crucified are …. missing. Similar story though.

Jesus was created by many people. His story of dead then rising 3 days later is known to be from the story of Inanna.

They can not even cross reference their own bible to make sure their lies are straight. Simple things that should not be screwed up.

Things like:

  1. What time did the women visit the tomb?
  2. Who were the women?
  3. What was their purpose?
  4. Was the tomb open when they arrived?
  5. Who was at the tomb when they arrived?
  6. Where were these messengers situated?
  7. What did the messengers say?
  8. Did the women tell what happened?
  9. When Mary returned to the tomb, did she know Jesus was ressurected?
  10. When did Mary first see Jesus?
  11. Could Jesus be touched after the ressurection?
  12. After the women, who did Jesus first appear?
  13. Where did Jesus first appear to his disciples?
  14. Did the disciples believe the two men?
  15. Did Jesus stay on earth for more than a day?
  16. When did ascension take place?

Jesus is missing, his city is missing, his bible stories are fabricated, we know lots of Jesuses ran around deluded being the one true god. The word of God that is true and perfect, needed an editor that could read. The whole book is full of lies, mistakes and plagiarized stories. Look how many mistakes there are in just the easter story.

Follow the link. Check your bibles. This is a main foundational support to Christianity, I hope this at least gets Christians thinking where is the beef?

Maybe with a few more posts I can pull the whole building down.

Source: NoGuyInTheSky.com

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