We Are Wonderful Atheists!

UPDATED: June 28th, 2011

Hi, I’m Monica, @Monicks on Twitter; remember this tweet? “Getting a count of atheists on twitter by hashtag! If you’re an atheist….”

If you’re fairly new to Twitter you can’t remember that time, but let me fill you in; I started this project somewhere in June 2009, it was a hard task, but I got help from my dear kind friend Antoine @OldCola @AthOnTwi who united his own list with mine (thank you, Antoine.) It took like four weeks for me to gather all the names to create this list, the first version was posted on my Tumblr on August 30th, 2009; but at some point there were too many names and Tumblr couldn’t hold them all in one post… who would have thought, right?

UPDATE: Guess what, to hold over 5,000 links to twitter profiles on a single post, triggers a warning from Google Chrome that the website contains content from a place that is known to distribute malware. Unacceptable. So, I hope you guys don’t mind the little changes.

If you’re not on this list and think you belong here, please fill out this form, you just have to type your Twitter user name and your Twitter URL.

ADD YOURSELF –> Here’s The Link To The Form

This list is a self updating spreadsheet.

You can also find the list, and see your own entry at the top-ish right here.

91 thoughts on “We Are Wonderful Atheists!

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  2. This is hilarious, you have a huge following – just like a ‘real’ religion. You’ll probably overtake the scientologists soon.

  3. Hi,
    Please add me to your list, it’s a great resource for atheists…also, I write as the Portland Oregon Atheism Examiner, for those who would like to read my posts,
    Jeff Musall

  4. Twitter is showing there are large numbers on non-believers. We’re finally seeing that WE HAVE POWER! Even Obama mentioned non-believers in his Inaugural speech.
    Only 1 request – I wish we would expand our criticism to other religions than Christianity. I see few comments about Hinduism, or other religions.
    Thanks for your work on this! It’s very positive!!

  5. D’oh! Just realized you won’t be able to see my tweets since I’m locked. Please add me to the list; I’m an out-and-proud atheist! I_Phlogiston

  6. If I put your list in my twitter list for atheists, it would be possible to send a tweet to all these people? I also have a twitter list for humanists and one for skeptics. Have you thought about creating a master list for those categories? I realize the categories are not mutually exclusive, but people select different terms for their bios. Thanks for all you do. Who says you cannot organize atheists?

    • Thanks for your comment, Richard. Twitter lists will only let you add up to 500 names, and this list has almost 2900 atheists listed.
      I don’t think it is possible to send a tweet to everyone on a list, but I wouldn’t know since I have never created nor used one.
      We could have them send me their bios, and I would add them to their names… although that would be a whole lot of work.

  7. Please re-add me to the list. @Psycholyst
    I was on list earlier under another name.
    I enjoy knowing that I am not alone in my disbelief. (But even if I was, I would not change a thing.) 🙂

  8. Hi Monica,

    Thank you so much for including me (i.e., @VegansForPeace) on your atheist list! This is quite the honor. I also noticed that you have my old and no longer existing @AtheistVegan Twitter address on your list. Please feel free to remove it when you have the chance.

    Sincerely AND thanks in advance,

    Randy W. Sandberg

  9. You know what’s really weird?

    The only people who have mentioned, talked to me or tweeted to me about atheism have been Americans.

    I’m Canadian and I live in a city where close to 48% of the population claims no religious affiliation. It’s just not a big deal here.

    I only mentioned on my twitter profile I was an atheist to stop the Jesus freaks from trying to get me “saved” so I can have a happier life with MS.


  10. Hi Princess Monica
    I have just added my latest twitter name (GndlStr) to your list of atheists form. In the interest of accuracy can you please delete my earlier account name which was mcmelbrne. Many thanks for your awesome tweets, and Lots of Love.

  11. “M” this is absolutely tremendous. One day I want my twitter list of @thesexyatheist/female-atheist-bloggers to be this huge, and you are on it by the way. It must have taken much of your personal time to compile this list and it is much appreciated. I hope that all is well in “M-world” and have a great weekend.

    Heart, Kriss

  12. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a long time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep up the great work!


  13. Hey there,
    I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog, and have just filled up your form. I actually changed twitter account (from “cterrific” to “ct_taylor”), and I hope it wouldn’t be too much trouble if you delete “cterrific” since it no longer exists. Thanks for all your wonderful blogposts!

  14. Hello @Monicks
    I’m a casual user of Twitter, flying the flag for science fiction, fantasy, writing, music, rock, politics (both general understanding and of the left-wing variety), human rights, healthcare, reason, and of course atheism 🙂

  15. I tried to add myself twice now in two days, but I don’t show up on the list. Does that mean your list somehow thinks I’m lying? Do I need to take some sort of Blasphemy Challenge to prove to the software that I don’t believe? I’m happy to deny the existence of any supernatural being such as God, Allah, Jesus, Ganesha, Zeus, the FSM, or any other god from the pages of history. What was once asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence, and I hope that’s good enough for inclusion.

    • No, no, my friend, you don’t need to prove anything. The thing is, the ‘adding’ link sends the names to a spreadsheet off which I take the names and update this post. I wish there was a software that did this automatically. I will try to update it later it today, please have a little patience.

      • Ah, OK. My apologies. I thought it was automatic by some sort of PHPC++MySQLPerl kinda geek code thing. If you’re doing this manually, more power to you. You’re crazy, but more power to you.

  16. I am an Atheist but not on twitter, I received this link from Facebook. So what cha saying is, no tweet no acceptance?

    • I would add you gladly, but I wouldn’t know where to link your name to. Maybe I should start another page for atheists on Facebook or anywhere else with links to their blogs? I don’t think there are many people who would like this idea, though.

  17. But but but… I am not kind, I am dark, malevolent and evil – a heathen who yearns to feel the pain of eternal damnation!

    You are ruining my carfeully crafted reputation Princess 😉

  18. I would be great if with one click and follow all these atheists… crap… is there any way? Gosh (Heck is the place you will go if you don’t believe in Gosh, so you better believe in gosh atheists 😀 )

  19. On a related note, here’s a really good atheist store I found. Well, primarily atheist and science stuff…

    Aristotle’s Muse

    Maybe wearing an atheist T-shirt won’t change the world, but then again, maybe it could.

  20. Hi, just want to join your list, I’m tworiders, a published and self published writer, but I don’t write atheist tweets or blogs, but I am very much a ‘NO GOD/GODS/GODDESS and other assorted superstitious stupidities’ atheist diehard. Good work going on here…

  21. Yeah, I filled out the form. This is just a nitpicky thing… I noticed you had @Richard_Dawkins on there. No such thing. His twitter is actually @RichardDawkins

    Just sayin…

    You have permission to kill me… 😛

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